CD & Book – The Sounds of Freedom


10 tracks plus the illustrated Book of Dreams – this is not a digital product


This is my first album concept about dreams, magic and friendship. It includes an illustrated short story, the Book of Dreams, with beautiful illustrations from Antonio Carlos Soares.

Written between 1999 and 2001, the album is my own personal reflection of how we lose sight of our dreams as we grow older and close our eyes to the power of our imagination. But magic is all around us when we dare to let it in.

The album starts with a short story of a “little girl who longs to change the world with a dream in her heart and a song in her soul”. In her magic world everything is possible. One day she meets a sad boy who lost his dreams on trees! The little girl wants to help him believe in dreams again and takes him to her magic island where they find more than what they where looking for!


The songs:

  • Once Upon
  • One Day As
  • The Magic Island
  • Hey There
  • Colours of Life
  • The Sounds of Freedom
  • Shine
  • Little Child
  • Singin’ a Song
  • Let Yourself Be Free

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