EP – A Woman With A Soul



A Woman With A Soul

This EP is the coming together of 5 songs that are very different in nature and in sound. When it came to choosing the title I decided to call it A Woman With A Soul  because this is the title of one of my favourite songs, 1929 – A Woman With A Soul.

Funnily enough though when I shared the title of the EP with some friends I got a download of questions like: “What do you mean a woman with a soul? Is there such a thing as a woman (or a man) without a soul? Isn’t it too generic? Maybe you should say what kind of soul this woman has to make it more relevant. “ And so on.

I don’t know whether we all have a soul or not. And that’s not the purpose of this work. Nor do I want to give it a particular music identity. This work is simply about a soul speaking freely, bravely and playfully, as only souls can do. And in this case it happens to be the soul of a woman.

100 Million Candles  

Behind every candles there are 100 million people and 100 million voices that long to be heard.

1929 – A Woman With a Soul

One of my favourite essays is Virgina Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, published in September 1929.

7 Minutes

“She hears the key opening the door. She hears his footsteps on the floor. She’s been through this many times before and she knows she’s up for more.” With these opening lyrics, the song is already preparing us to the unfolding of a story we’d rather not to hear.

I Wish

“I wish I could find all the words to say, all these thoughts that are in my head. I watch them go as they flow, as they flow” This song is a wish that quickly turns into a realisation that the ephemeral cannot be defined with words.

Here We Are

This song was released as a single in 2021, and it is always a great song to perform live!

The launch of an EP is so much more than simply recording songs and distributing them on digital platforms. It is a full blown project that usually takes between 2 to 3 years from the idea generation to launch. The process goes through many stages and it involves a variety of people with different skills that join at different times. So here is the team that made it happen:

Musicians: Roger Hintermann (drums), Stephan Vonwiller (bass), Matthias Horvath (guitar), Philipp Erdin (keyboards), Dijana Vidovic (back up vocalist) & Noelle Bobst (back up vocalist)
Co-Producer & Sound Engineer: Philipp Erdin
Photographer: Evi Fragolia (and her wonderful pets, Melis and Butterscotch with their special appearance during the photo shoot!)
Art Cover Design: Andrea Bressan
Website/Webshop and Digital Marketing: Martin Ulmann & Z Digital Agency

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